TS LIVE Session 1​

Become an expert…because it’s one of the fastest lanes to success. Russell guides you on how to pick a hot niche to serve, create your ‘attractive character, and how to get people to follow you anywhere.

ES LIVE Session 2 - Day 1 Afternoon

In order to build a mass movement, you must create a NEW OPPORTUNITY for your followers. This not only makes you unique and stand out from all the noise, it makes you the ONLY choice for your fans and buyers. Learn the power of the Opportunity Switch and the Opportunity Stack so you make it super easy for people to choose you as the solution to their problem.

ES LIVE Session 3 - Day 1 Evening

Maximize your Facebook ads and ad spend with ClickFunnels traffic master, John Parks. John reveals the profitable strategies for creating and launching ads so you can generate targeted traffic the smart way.

ES LIVE Session 4 - Day 2 Morning

If you want prospects to buy from you, then you must knock over The Big Domino. This simple fill-in-the-blank one-sentence statement is the bedrock to your entire offer. It’s the key to getting your audience to BELIEVE that your product or service is the answer to their prayers. Russell also lays the groundwork for telling powerful, belief-transforming stories that are crucial to your marketing success. And it starts with your Origin Story.

ES LIVE Session 5 - Day 2 Afternoon

False beliefs. These are gremlins you have to purge from your customers to get them to listen to you, engage with you, follow you, buy from you. Dive into the 3 Core Beliefs that people have that hold them back from getting what they want…and in turn stop them from buying your stuff. Find out exactly how to overcome these false beliefs by telling simple stories.

ES LIVE Session 6 - Day 2 Evening

Position yourself as THE EXPERT when you know how to create The Perfect Webinar. Get the same framework Russell used to take ClickFunnels from $0 to $100,000,000 in 3 years. Russell holds you by the hand through the entire webinar build, slide by slide. All you have to do is hack what he shows you for your webinar.

ES LIVE Session 7 - Day 3 Morning

Inner Circle members participate in a Perfect Webinar Q&A with Russell, sharing their successes and challenges. Next, watch Russell deliver a live Perfect Webinar on-the-fly! Russell picks one of his Inner Circle coaching students to describe her product and what she does…and then transforms her information into a killer off-the-cuff LIVE presentation using his Perfect Webinar framework.

ES LIVE Session 8 - Day 3 Afternoon

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” NOW is the time to start identifying and finding your Dream 100…the top 100 people or businesses who can help you get your message and product out to the world. Here’s where to look, what to do, and how to attract them into your world…so that they sing your praises and help you grow your company.

ES LIVE Session 9 - Day 3 - Alison Prince Part 1

For your convenience, we pulled Russell’s LIVE On the Spot Perfect Webinar demonstration from Session 7 Day 3 Morning. In Part 1, Inner Circle member Alison Prince is chosen to come up onstage to present her product and what she does to the group.

ES LIVE Session 10 - Day 3 - Alison Prince Part 2

Russell takes Alison’s stage talk and transforms it into one heck of a LIVE perfect webinar presentation. Pay close attention as he follows the perfect webinar framework to topple the Big Domino, change false beliefs, uses case studies for persuasion, transitions to the pitch, creates an irresistible offer stack, and infuses multiple closing techniques to bring home the sale. Pure gold.

ES LIVE Session 11 - Day 3 Afternoon - Steve J. Larsen

Master funnel builder Steve J. Larsen shares some sneaky underground funnel tricks to optimize the customer experience with indoctrination videos so you can maximize your webinar sales. Steve also shows you the ideal times to send and sequence your emails.

ES LIVE Session 12 - Day 3 Recap

Looking back, you now know how to create your Origin Story Video, 3 Secrets Video, and build every slide of your Perfect Webinar. And know this…this entire framework can be used and translated to your email sequences and product launches.