Introduction by Russell Brunson

Some of you are just starting out and wondering how to make money while you’re learning these processes…  Others already have a business but want to apply to the systems and frameworks! We’ll teach you the right path and process… whether you’re a freelancer, want to grow your own business or are ready to start your own agency! Regardless of your goal… we’ll teach you where to get started!

Overview of Proposal Secrets

Welcome to Proposal Secrets! You’ll learn exactly how to decide what type of intensive you’ll offer, how to set up the intensive materials and even create your funnel for the intensive! You’ll even learn how to prepare the proposal pricing, invoicing and contracts plus the prepare for the follow up after the discovery call and… after the intensive! Jump In!

The Flow Chart for the Intensive

Now it’s time to plan out the flow for your intensive! You’ll draw potential clients in with your services page where they’ll schedule their discovery call! Next, you’ll hop on the phone for your Discovery Call then… that’s right, book the Intensive! Before the intensive you’ll research and prep the it’s finally time for the Intensive!

Proposal Secrets – The Webinar

Now it’s time to see Proposal Secrets in action! Jump in as Julie walks you through the process from start to finish!

Your Business Intensive Offers

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Write up the main result or pain point that the Intensive will solve. Also come up with a price point and timeline (1-3 hours).

The Pre-work Application Questions

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Make a list of questions you need to ask (we’ll set it up in the funnel in a future module).

Tips for Your Live Business Intensive

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Get the tools and template ready you need for the actual LIVE intensive (we’ll incorporate all this into the funnel in the next module). Purchase Zoom and create a Google Slide Template for the live intensive.

Setting Up Your Intensive Template

Learn how to build and edit your own Google Slide template ahead of time to make your intensives run smoothly with this video.

How to Structure Your Biz Intensive Report

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Create a Report Template in Word or Google Docs. Get as much of it written as you can after you look at my real life examples. Some of the parts of the report will dive into more in later modules (like the a la carte pricing sheet).

Customizing Your Intensive Report

Here’s a template of the Business Intensive Report you can customize. It’s a Google Doc, so be sure to go to File > Save a Copy

Real Life Biz Intensive Report Examples

Grab these real life Business Intensive Report examples:

How to Write Your Services Page

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Write Your Services Page!
Use your services page to excite them about what’s possible. Don’t use it to create cookie cutter packages. Remember, ALL this page has to do is to get them to do a discovery call with you. Once on the call, the ONLY goal is to get them an Intensive. And then, you write a proposal. So it’s very pre-mature to put packages on this first page.
This is a snapshot of my services page back in 2015/2016. It worked INCREDIBLY well. I recommend you create something similar!

Your Business Intensive Share Funnel

Grab your ClickFunnels share funnel link:

Included in the funnel template: > Services Page > Discovery Call Schedule > Business Intensive Order Form > Intensive Order Confirmation & Booking Page

Setting Up Your Discovery Call Form + Schedule

It’s time to set up your Discovery Call Form and Schedule!

Setting Up Your Business Intensive Form + Schedule

It’s time to set up your Business Intensive Form and Schedule! Grab your email templates below:

Step One: Your A La Carte Pricing Sheet + Pricing

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Create Your A La Carte Pricing Sheet and then Practice Itemizing a Proposal Based on an Intensive. Please NOTE…your A La Carte pricing sheet is for YOU, and should only be shown to the client on the bottom of an Intensive Report. Do NOT put this on your services page.
This is my a la carte pricing sheet at ONE moment in time. It may not be accurate or safe to use as your benchmark. Use at your own risk.

Step Two: Using a Spreadsheet to Get a Rough Estimate

YOUR ACTION ITEM: As you write your business intensive report, itemize out what it would cost to implement the report. Use a simple spreadsheet. This will give you an estimate price to include in your report. The A La Carte Pricing Sheet will make this go super fast!

Step Three: Your Estimated Proposal Inside the Intensive

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Get Your How I Can Help Paragraph Done So You Can Use it In Your Report!

Step Four: Email You Use to Send Report

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Create the Email That You’ll Use to Send the Report!

Step Five: Closing the Deal – The Invoice and Contract

YOUR ACTION ITEM: Setup your 17hats or Dubsado so you can easily create a quote, contract, and invoice and send it out to your client when they are ready to close the deal!
SAMPLE CONTRACT You place this in front of the invoice so they initial this prior to making their first payment.


BONUS: High Ticket Work and Considerations

Grab the PDF below for extra tips for High Ticket Work:

BONUS: Using 17hats for Invoicing + Contracts

BONUS: The “Did You Include” Checklist for Digital Marketers

BONUS: Setting up a Sales Funnel Workflow in Basecamp After Closing a Deal

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to set up your Sales Funnel WorkFlow after closing the deal!

BONUS: Proposal Secrets Q&A Webinar

This is the lesson to get any additional questions you might have answered!

Start Publishing

It’s time to jump in and start publishing today!

Blogging (WordPress)

If you’re ready to take your blogging to the next level with customizations, options and more control over the process of blogging… then WordPress is a great option. Jump in to learn about how to get set up on WordPress! Let’s do this!

Blogging (Medium)

Medium is another great way to get your articles in front of readers. The readers on this platform pay to see the articles so you know that they’re ready and eager to to learn. Jump in and learn how to get started with Medium!

Facebook LIVE

These days the majority of people spend time each day on Facebook… so another great place to publish is on Facebook Live. This option on Facebook allows you to broadcast video instantly to your friends and followers… so, that you can publish easily every single day! Jump in to learn how to publish on Facebook Live!

YouTube LIVE

More and more people are spending time on Youtube each day too!  This makes Youtube Live another great place to publish. This option on Youtube allows you to broadcast your live video instantly! Jump in to learn how to publish on Youtube Live!

Podcast (Libsyn)

When you’re ready for a paid podcasting solution Libsyn is a great option. Libsyn also has a ton of podcast resources to help make sure your studio is set up right and you know how to submit your podcast to all the available platforms! Jump in to learn how to start podcasting on the Libsyn platform.

Podcast (Anchor)

Podcasting is another popular platform for publishing! It allows you to upload and share a voice recording with your audience. Listeners love podcasts because they’re easy to listen to at home or on the go. Jump in to learn how to start podcasting on the Anchor platform.