Midas Touch Direct Marketing

CD 1.1 - Precise, Accurate Targeting

Most businesses are guilty of playing ‘blind archery’ when it comes to their marketing. It’s critical to have a clear and concise picture of who your ideal customer is…and to make sure that the product or service you provide is the ideal match for that customer. Dan lays out the steps you must take to get this right.

CD 1.2 - Free Recorded Message

Don’t overlook this tried and true method for generating leads and building your customer list. Online marketing isn’t the only way to go. If you haven’t added a free recorded message to your marketing toolbelt, you’re essentially thumbing your nose to a very lucrative income stream. And the best part is…it won’t cost you a dime.

CD 1.3 - Direct Marketing vs. Other Types Of Advertising

News Flash! Direct marketing delivers the BEST results for your dollar compared to any other form of advertising. If you think that all those super bowl commercials, institutional advertising, content marketing, branding, radio or tv ads, or publicity ads bring in more revenue than direct response marketing, think again. Dig into this beefy list of ways ANY business can target customers, create relationships, and measure results.

CD 1.4 - How To Predictably & Consistently Acquire New Customers

“Are you using direct mail to sell to your customers? No? Then it’s time to start drilling. Because Dan spoon feeds you an oil well of unique strategies and sources for tapping a pipeline of fresh new buyers. Learn how to obtain specific mailing lists, uncover buyer behavior, segment your customers, and laser target your audience. “