Midas Touch Marketing

CD 1.1 - The Most Valuable Type of Advertising

Word of Mouth advertising is invaluable…because you can’t buy it. It must be created, stimulated, and nurtured. Here’s how to make it happen.

CD 1.2 - Stories Sell, Facts Tell

Want to sell more? Then start using testimonials and stories in your marketing…starting now.

CD 1.3 - Your ‘Bargain Price’ Sales Force

How to use the power of direct mail to squash your competitors…especially when everyone else is using the internet to market and sell

CD 1.4 - The Most Important Piece of Copy In Your Marketing

Here’s how to write a GREAT Headline. You MUST get this right or sales will die on the vine.

CD 2.1 - 7 Midas Touch Strategies to Stimulate Business

Easily attract new leads, sell to existing customers, and generate repeat sales. Like taking candy from a baby.

CD 2.2 - The Problem With Sales People

Got a sales force? Get the most out of them with these genius management strategies. You can thank me later.

CD 2.3 - 80/20 Profits, 80/20 Problems

You need to be tough on your business. Act like an outside consultant for your company so you don’t head down the wrong path. And be open to shifting course.

CD 2.4 - The Main Reason To Be In Business

Why are you in business? Profit. Plain and simple. So make sure you manage profit properly or you may find yourself without a business.